This project is based on an award from the Industrial Innovation and Partnerships (IIP), National Science Foundation, USA under the topic Accelerating Innovation Research. The title of the award is Research Alliance: Situational Intelligence for Smart Grid Optimization and Intelligent Control, Award Abstract IIP #1312260. [Award Link]

It is a joint project between Clemson University (lead institution) and the Georgia Institute of Technology. Partnerships with respective industry leaders in this project are to exchange and transfer technologies and information.

The main focus of this project is on the translation and transfer of situational intelligence and intelligent control technologies to fill real-time modern power system operation technology gaps. A utility like control center is being developed at Clemson University to demonstrate these technologies and for rapid prototyping of real-time technologies for smart grid control centers.

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G. Kumar Venayagamoorthy, PhD, FIET, FSAIEE Principal Investigator & Duke Energy Distinguished Professor, Clemson University